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What in the World?!

Over the past few days there has been a lot of prognosticating about why Romney and the Republicans did not do as well as many expected.

Many people cite the GOP’s poor performance with Latinos. If this is true it essentially means that Rick Perry was right.

Surging Akin Willing to 'Forgive' GOP Leadership

I’m not so sure that Akin is really big on that forgiving thing. Over the past few days he has launched a tirade of tweets attacking the Republican Party ‘bosses,’ and Charlie Christ.

Here is a sampling of some of his tweets:

There is still interest in replacing Akin, and the RNC is still refusing to send money to his campaign, but it is looking like Akin may survive this storm and stand a good chance at remaining on the ballot. The question is can Akin win?

Akin and the GOP

Earlier this week Republican senatorial candidate Todd Akin (MO) made some ignorant and uninformed remarks about rape and pregnancies.

I have been waiting to blog about this. I wanted to wait until the dust settled some. I also wanted to see how my fellow Missourians would respond.

For the most part, not too many people have been talking about this. Most of my conservative friends haven’t strayed from the standard anti-Obama talking points. And my liberal friends haven’t been too ruffled because we live in Missouri and hear stupid shit like this all the time. Although, liberals seem to be very satisfied that Akin has made such a huge blunder that will hurt his campaign. Even Democrats here were worried about Senator Claire McCaskill’s re-election bid. Now, however, her chances of winning have increased somewhat.

Major players in the GOP have called for Akin to drop out. Those pressuring Akin to drop out include five former Republican Senators, Mitch McConnell, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, and Mitt Romney.

Nationally the reaction has been quite strong. It makes me wonder why. As Josh Marshall, of Talking Points Memo (article linked above), points out, Akin’s comments and beliefs are pretty much in line with the GOP platform. The outrage we are seeing from the right is fear based. Fear that Akin’s frank and public articulation of their beliefs will alienate moderates and women. If this happens it will cost Akin his senate bid and possibly his career. More importantly it could energize the liberal base and be fatal to Mitt Romney’s chances in November.

Josh Marshall analyzes this issue quite well, and discusses the fact that, despite the outrage, Todd Akin is not really out of step with the Republican Party. After all, he was the establishment candidate.

Is Obama Secretly a Republican?

"On every issue, Obama is effectively an old-style moderate Republican."

"Obama is in a right-of-center consensus as of a decade ago."

"As for temperament, the GOP is too consumed with cultural hatred to acknowledge the grace and calm of a man forced to grapple with the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression with no help whatsoever from his opponents, a black man who has buried identity politics and remains a family man Republicans would fawn over if he were one of them."

- Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Beast.

GOP Governors Tell Romeny the Economy isn't that Bad

There have been numerous stories like this that have been published recently. The story goes like this: Romney visits a state with a Republican governor. Romney says that the economy is terrible and he is the guy to fix it. Then the Republican governor, who is also running for re-election, tells people that things are not bad, at least not in their state.

Governors have been telling Romney to cool it with the economy bashing, while Romney has told the governors to stop telling the voters in their state that things are getting better.

What makes the situation even more interesting is that many of these states are swing states, such as Iowa, Florida, Virginia, and Ohio.

The conventional wisdom is that if people feel the economy is improving it helps Obama, and if people are feeling negative about the economy it helps Romney.

So when Republican governors tell voters that the economy is improving does that help Obama too? Can the economic fortunes of a few key swing states decide the election (if I am not mistaken the unemployment rate in Iowa is 6% or less)?

It may be oversimplifying to say that the economy will decide the election, there are other factors to be sure, but the state of the economy is always the most influential. Romney and the RNC are finding themselves in an awkward position: the Republicans are having to make a nuanced point on the economy, and nuance is not the Rebuplican’s strong suit.

Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy?

"Be it ideology or stratagem, the GOP has blocked pro-growth policy and backed job-killing austerity – all while blaming Obama"

- Michael Cohen, The Guardian.

Sometimes people on the outside have a better perspective of ourselves than we do. I honestly never thought that the GOP was engaging in sabotage; I just thought that they were playing politics and were on the wrong side of the issues. This article make me think.

The GOP has changed positions on several issues seemingly for no other purpose that to oppose Obama. They have forced a governmental showdown over the debt and are threatening to do so again. If any hard evidence-that members of the GOP actively planned to injure the economy for the sake of defeating Obama- turns up, it would be worse than Watergate.

Missouri Caucuses: Rowdy St. Charles Caucus Shutdown

Saturday the 17th: Missouri held caucuses to assign delegates. (The Primary in February did not count.) Missouri has not held a caucus in at least 15 years and it showed. The St. Charles Caucus, which was the largest and had the most delegates to assign, was shutdown after things got too rowdy. Two people were arrested.

The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Buddy Hardin, a Romney leader and longtime behind-the-scenes force in GOP politics in St. Charles County, alleged that Santorum supporters and caucus organizers sought to close the meeting after they realized that Paul and Romney backers had formed an alliance to share the county’s delegates.

"Once they realized they didn’t have a slate and they wouldn’t get any delegates, they tanked it," Hardin alleged. He said the shutdown was carried out "to avoid a Santorum embarrassment and loss."

Here is the full article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Conflict, strategy mark Missouri caucuses.

Here is some video that was taken against procedures (recording devices were not allowed).

Thanks to peethasaur at YouTube for the video. There are more videos about the caucus on peethasaur’s channel.

It’s not a party until something gets broke, and it’s not a political party until someone gets arrested. Thanks to the Missouri caucuses its now officially a party!

The Tao of Santorum II

"The apostles of this pseudo-religion believe that America and its people are the source of the earth’s temperature. I do not." - Rick Santorum

Santorum claims climate change is a ‘pseudo-religion’! Sorry Rick wrong again. ‘Pseudo’ means false or pretend. Climatologists and environmentalists are not ‘pretending’ that global warming and climate change are a religion. Actually, they claim it is based upon science, which it is! Science and religion promote different world views: religion views the world through the lens of tradition and faith; science views the world through the lens of observation and experimentation. So no, climate change is not a “pseudo-religion.” Not even close.

Republican Malaise

Between the contraception debate, Rush Limbaugh and birtherism it is becoming increasingly difficult to take the Republican Party seriously.